Yorkshire Puddings

Serves 6 normal people or 4 of us


2 large eggs

180g plain flour

175ml milk

125ml water

Salt & Pepper



Beat the eggs in a mixing bowl till a few bubbles appear on the top. Add the flour and mix till all the egg is absorbed. Not all the flour will be mixed in. season with a little salt and pepper. Add a little of the milk and water mixture whilst mixing continuously with a straight pronged whisk. Don’t let the mixture get too wet. You want a very thick stiff consistency with no lumps. Keep whisking so that you get a lot of glutinous strands of mixture pulling away from the bowl as you whisk it. It is this that will make the Yorkies rise. After a few minutes of this, add the rest of the milk and water mixture slowly, whilst continuously mixing until you get a smooth runny batter. You can now leave this to one side for a few hours if needs be. Some people say leaving it to rest makes the Yorkies better, but I doubt it.

About 40 minutes before you want to eat, pourĀ a little oil into the bottom of each Yorkie mold, swirl it round to cover all inner surfaces and pop in the oven to get warm. After 5 minutes, take out and pour the batter mix evenly into the molds. Put back into the oven (you should be taking the meat out about now), and whack the heat back up to 230 degrees.

Take out and serve.

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